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Using Your Website to Get Your Ideal Clients

Who are your ideal clients? This is an imperative question to ask yourself at any point in the game. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Being able to hone in on who you actually want to do business with is a valuable step that will get you the projects you want, the... read more

We’re Moving!

We’s on da move. It’s #goodshit — twIT (@TheWorksIT) June 29, 2015 My dearest, magical land-mermaids, The Works IT has been in business for over 7 years, and some of the things we’ve been doing from the... read more

Gobble Gobble Goo and Gobble Gobble Giggle

Happy Thanksgiving, you bunch o’ turkey-eatin’, blog-readin’, thankful-bein’, beauties!! Count your blessings on this day and always. Then count the minutes till you pass out from tryptophan overdose. Love you all – now go enjoy the day... read more

charity: water Proof Has Arrived!

Back in June 2012, The Works IT was celebrating our 4th Anniversary and wanted to do something cool and meaningful rather than just spending dough on a night out. Instead, we raised and donated money to give clean water access to people in developing countries. We... read more

All Good Things Come to an End – XP/IE8

Windows XP was a great operating system for many years – that’s pretty much a user-wide consensus. But it was released in 2002 putting it at almost 12 years old – which is really, really old in the IT industry. Really. Old.  On April 4, 2014, Windows... read more

Sea Turtles!

Meet Crush. I named him after this gnarly dude:   Crush is our Christmas gift to ourselves this year (well, 2013). He’s a symbolic representation of a family of sea turtles that we helped save with the help of Defenders of Wildlife. It’s a really... read more

Our First Commercial!

We know marketing genius and raw talent when we see it. That’s why we hired the ad agency behind a very high-quality series of adverts that have gone viral in 2013. I know, it’s not 2013 anymore, but hey, this kind of quality takes a while to assemble (or... read more

Pebble Makes Some New Friends

The Pebble smartwatch has been out for some time now and while it started out with a small feature-set, we all knew it would grow into something really fun and interesting pretty quickly. Within a couple months of the first Pebble shipments came the first iteration of... read more

“Power generation from hydro, wind, solar, and other renewable sources worldwide will exceed that from gas and be twice that from nuclear by 2016.”
– International Energy Agency

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Renewable Resources Are Taking Over

We here at The Works IT are pretty keen on alternative energy sources, mainly because we think it’s just morally and ethically ‘the right thing to do’ to take care of our mother earth. Plus they’re pretty interesting. You could call us... read more

It’s Time

The invigorating, upbeat intro to Imagine Dragons‘ hit song comes to mind every time I look at the box. That’s right ladies and gentlemen….the Pebbles have arrived!! Well, some of them anyway. To celebrate, I may have gone overboard on an impromptu... read more

Pebbles Have Begun Shipping!

Back in May 2012, a small group of people were blowing Kickstarter records out of the water with their new campaign to raise money for starting full-scale production on their newest product, a smart watch called Pebble. If you’ve been living under a rock and... read more

charity: water News!

We are so stoked here to have received an email recently from charity: water. They’ve kindly informed us that the money we raised (with your help) back in May for our 4th birthday has been sent into the field and the work has begun in Ethiopia and Nepal!... read more

Google Apps Ending Support for IE8

Here’s some heavy-hitting proof of what I mentioned in my last post about how major sites are starting to end their support of Internet Explorer 8. Google Apps has announced this month via their Google Apps blog that they’re discontinuing support of IE8... read more

Chrome’s rearview mirror: Firefox, now IE

It’s been over a decade and a half since Microsoft’s Internet Explorer became the reigning champ as the most used Web browser in the world and it continued to hold that title…..until recently. Enter Google Chrome. Google’s Web browser was... read more

Chrome Just Keeps Getting Cooler

Google Chrome has been my browser of choice for quite some time now because it’s as nice to code for as it is to use. It’s fast to open, page loads are speedy, it’s very stable, and quite minimalistic. However, there’s very little in life that... read more