PC Support

Tech Services (includes Network Support)

  • We come to you!
  • You can save money if
  • you save us the trip!
  • Residential Services
  • @Home Diagnostic Fee: $30
  • @Home Hourly Rate: $60
  • @Shop Diagnostic Fee: $30
  • @Shop Hourly Rate: $45
  • Business Services
  • Hourly Rate: $75

Remote Support

Both packages below are available for Mac and PCs.

  • Basic Package - Free
  • Our Basic Package includes a very lightweight application that's installed on each computer that you want to include. This will provide us the ability to remote in to your computer when you call us with an issue. At our earliest available time, we'll be able to sit down and assist you over the phone, or perform the required tasks. You'll get the benefit of immediate results rather than waiting for someone to come to you or waiting until you have time to bring your computer to us. And we'll be able to resolve many problems you may have without having to drive out to you. Because of this benefit, you'll get our lowest hourly rate of $45/hour for any work done remotely.
  • Pro Package - $10/month/PC
  • With our Pro Remote Support Package, you'll receive a still lightweight, but much more powerful application that's installed on each computer that you want to include. This application will allow us to monitor your processor, hard drive activity, and memory to see that nothing is being over worked - usually a sign of virus activity. We'll also get alerts if there's virus activity while we're not monitoring. The best part? We're able to do all of this without any user-interaction at all! So you'll be completely uninterrupted leaving you with zero downtime during any monitoring tasks. You'll get all of this, plus the basic remote supporting of our free package! You need an application installed or uninstalled? No problem. Virus or Malware causing you downtime or slowing your progress? No problem. You can even tell us when you're not using your PC and we'll update your operating system and any programs that may need attention (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, Java, Adobe Flash Player, Firefox (or any other browsers), iTunes, etc.).

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Data Center Management

Our Data Center Management prices depend on the customer's needs. With over 9 years of enterprise expertise, we'll be able to meet your needs for any data center - big or small. Please call or email us for a quote.