charity: water logoBack in June 2012, The Works IT was celebrating our 4th Anniversary and wanted to do something cool and meaningful rather than just spending dough on a night out. Instead, we raised and donated money to give clean water access to people in developing countries. We fell short of our somewhat lofty goal, but all of the money raised still went to the water project.

It was truly a fun and rewarding experience to see all who contributed to our campaign and left messages for our birthday. Starting a campaign through charity: water is easy to do and it’s a great way to give to a meaningful cause if you feel like you maybe don’t need that new gadget or toy as much as someone else needs access to clean water. And if starting your own campaign seems a little too aggressive for you, you can simply donate to someone else’s campaign. Either way you go, they really do follow up on the projects and provide you with the detailed proof once it’s all completed.

With your help, we raised well over $800 and were only $35 away from the second highest donator to this project. It wasn’t the first time we’ve donated to charity: water, but it was our first campaign, so we were pretty stoked.

Check out our charity: water profile page and the full Aferjina Community project page to see all the deets. Again, we can’t thank all of you who helped accomplish this enough – it’s really amazing that we were able to celebrate our 4th Anniversary in this way. You people are rad!