I love OK Go. They’ve been pushing the creative limits with their music videos for years, and their new video, Upside Down & Inside Out, does not disappoint. They rented a jet from S7 Airlines so they could shoot the entire video in a zero-gravity environment…..ahh I’ll just shut up and let you watch. Enjoy some of my other favorites from them over the years after the jump!


You’ll love their video for This Too Shall Pass if you have a strong love of Rube Goldberg machines like we do.


Last but not least is a really rad video for All Is Not Lost where OK Go worked with a super talented choreography group on the entire video.

As if the official All Is Not Lost video wasn’t enough, the band teamed up with the fancy folks involved with Google’s Chrome browser to produce an amazing technical feat  that must be viewed in Google Chrome to get the full experience (watch here in Chrome: http://www.allisnotlo.st). And keep in mind, this was over 4 years ago!

Which video was your favorite? Let me know or link to one I didn’t mention in comments!