Meet Crush. I named him after this gnarly dude:


Crush is our Christmas gift to ourselves this year (well, 2013). He’s a symbolic representation of a family of sea turtles that we helped save with the help of Defenders of Wildlife. It’s a really rewarding gift – the certificate reads:

Certificate of Adoption
This certificate acknowledges that a symbolic adoption of a Sea Turtle Family has been made for The Works IT to help protect imperiled animals and preserve their vital habitats.

IMG_0247The adoption comes with a cute stuffed animal, Certificate of Adoption, beautiful photo of the animal in the wild, informational fact sheet, optional activity book (for the kids), all ‘wrapped’ in an optional reusable tote bag. But of course the coolest part is funding the protection of endangered animals. It’s a fun, meaningful gift for someone that has all they need, someone for whom you don’t know what to get, an animal lover, or just that cute kid in your life (they’ll love the stuffed animal and activity book now, and the meaning later). They also have a dozen or more other animals to choose from all at differing prices points, and 97% of the donation goes toward the program.

We’re big fans of taking care of our planet, both flora and fauna, so a big thanks goes to Defenders of Wildlife for the work they do and for devising a fun and easy way to be a part of it.

What kinds of things do you like to do in support of Earth Day, or the environment any other day of the year? Share with us in the comments!