a branding story

The Challenge

Bush and Ennis Enterprises came to us in dire need of a full rebranding – everything down to the name of the company. They’re a busy regional company that’s been growing hugely since 1995, but not only did one of the partners leave the business long ago, rendering the name and logo irrelevant, you also couldn’t tell that they’re in the espresso machine repair and sales business. Time for a massive overhaul – the works IT to the rescue.

The Solution

We needed to start with the naming of the business. We explored many options but were drawn to their long-standing 800 number 888-FIX-JAVA. It was catchy, easy to remember, and had lots of pull since they’d been using it for some time. We then did many design comps based around that name (a la 1-800-FLOWERS) and came up with a full identity that was as strong as they were, just as memorable, and unmistakably depicts their role in the vast coffee industry.

Complete Branding

We Rethought Everything




Graphic Design

Day Turnaround

Stellar Result

New Company Name, Branding, and Graphic Design

New Name and Branding

They needed a new name. Then of course needed a new mark. We came up with many solutions and settled on the strong, noticeable brand you’ll now see on all of their collateral.


Taking It Further

To further solidify the rebranding of the 20-year-old company, we went the extra distance as is always recommended and redesigned their letterhead, stickers, and even a striking vehicle vinyl wrapping!


Of course you are. By jove you’re on the edge of your seat! Let us show you some more gorgeous surprises.