graphic design

The mission of Birthright of Greater Cincinnati as a nondenominational non-profit organization dedicated to helping women with unplanned pregnancies, regardless of their decision, and to stick with the family before, during, and after the pregnancy, aligned with our culture of helping those in need (Birthright International). Because of this, we’ve proudly sponsored some design work for them over the years, as well as discounted their Website Care Plan and website hosting.

Digital and Print Marketing Collateral

The main focus of our work with Birthright of Greater Cincinnati and their resale store, Truly Blest, was to provide attractive branding and marketing pieces which they could use to reach a wider audience and exude a more professional appearance. As happens a lot in organizations, they were very dedicated to their mission, so not much focus had previously been put into design and marketing in their over 45 years of service to Greater Cincinnati.

Beyond Marketing

We collaborated on some simple social media imagery; branded their 5K fundraising event, Diaper Dash; and maintained, updated, and hosted their websites for both the organization and their store, Truly Blest.


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