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This project called for a blog that was focused on two large topics; sports and pop culture. The Cincinnati-based founders of the blog wanted to include their hometown pride in some way, but not in an overbearing fashion. Thus, the Reds color scheme throughout and use of the seats from the Great American Ballpark in their branding. The guys also wanted a very ‘connected’ and modern blog to make it easier for their audience to get to what they needed, but also have plenty of information at their fingertips. They wanted all of this, but under a name that portrayed the ‘normal’, down-to-earth qualities the duo has. This was to be a collection of articles from an Average Joe’s perspective.

I had the pleasure of working with Aaron and Derick over the entire development of Cheap Seat Chatter, from the birth of the idea all the way to project completion. It was a unique and very fun (sometimes too much fun) experience that allowed me to really nail down exactly what they had in mind. Make sure the stay tuned to Cheap Seat Chatter for all of your sports and pop culture coverage from two knuckleheads who live and breathe it.

Derick, Co-Owner
Derick, Co-Owner Cheap Seat Chatter
Wow Ian. The site is awesome. I love how it has our twitter feeds rolling at the bottom too. The site is great, easy to manage, and satisfied me completely. The Works IT is a dolphin in the digital waters!


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August 15, 2013

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