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The Challenge is a fun, informative, well-written blog by a local, former pre-school teacher with a knack for crafts, cooking, children’s activities, and much more. She’s a very busy, talented woman (she even owns a note-card-making business on the side: But Katie was sick of dealing with her current domain and website host, and was also looking to upgrade her blog, which had outgrown Blogger (with almost 900 posts and thousands of comments) and needed a more professional framework. She needed help. Thanks to a reference from a family member of hers, she found the works IT.


The Solution

I recommended we transfer her 3 domain names, an email account, and website away from her current host; transfer her Blogger blog to the much more powerful, self-hosted WordPress; and purchase a new domain name and email account for her new WordPress website. She liked the plan, signed off, and I got to work. Two weeks later she’s now blogging away and customizing her new website in ways she hadn’t imagined doing before. Oh, and of course all of her other domain names, email accounts, and websites are safe and sound at her new host, Web Central. Katie’s a smart woman, so she also chose one of our valuable Website Care Plans for ongoing updates, database optimization, backups, performance reports, and more.

While this wasn’t a huge, long-term project like some of ours can be, it took some time coordinating all of the transfers and making sure that nothing got lost in the shuffle. I think you’ll find from her testimony below that she’s quite pleased with the outcome. Katie, you were a pleasure to work with!

Katie, Owner The Little Things Journal
OMG, OMG, OMG…I love my new blog 🙂 Woohoo!  Happy Saturday to me!  Seriously, I feel like you are the stork that just dropped a baby off on my doorstep!  The much anticipated blog is looking good!  I’m eager to get down to work on it.  THANK YOU!!!


CMS Migration


Website Maintenance

Day Turnaround

Stellar Result



The migration of a website and all of its assets is not an easy task to be completed without careful planning and taking the time to make sure everything is done in the right order and nothing is left out. Failure to do so can result in loss of assets, loss of data, and extended downtime.

Powerful Website

With a move from an overloaded, tapped-out platform to a powerful, multimedia- and SEO-rich website, you can be sure visitors will be able easily and quickly access and enjoy your content. And now Katie is able to build on this platform with ease and limitless capabilities.


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