web development

The Challenge

SARGE is a medically-relevant short film centered on an elderly World War II Army veteran in a nursing home, plagued by haunting dementia and an unrelenting desire to escape and be with his family. The SARGE team is incredibly talented and accomplished, but they wanted more from their web presence, had a solid idea of what that was, and knew we were the people to bring it to life.

The Solution

When developing and designing a website, we’re helping our client tell their story. Storytelling is exactly what film production does, in a different medium. SARGE was a fantastically fun story for us to be a part of. Working with such a tight group of creative individuals who provide such amazing quality content (photos, video, copy) for us to incorporate into their new website was terrific. They needed a powerful tool for showcasing their project that’s as well designed as the final cut of the film itself. This will allow them to raise funds, help them submit to festivals, and inform the world of this touching story. We’re proud to have created the online presence for such a meaningful film.

Full-Featured Website

On-Page Search Engine Optimization


Web Design and Development


Copy Writing

Day Turnaround

Stellar Result

Valuable Web Presence

The finished product is a powerful, multimedia- and SEO-rich website. The crew behind this epic film are now empowered to receive feedback and fundraising dollars as the website remains a hub for press coverage, behind-the-scenes media, and showcase for festival awards and more.


Powerful Content Management System

Thanks to a robust, yet manageable content management system (CMS), SARGE media crew can update copy, photographs, and even entire sections to provide relevant, continual updates to the status of the project as they move through production, fund-raising, and festival submissions.


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