a branding story

The Challenge

A client from another project we were working on came to us with a smaller, personal branding project for her family’s floating rental house on Norris Lake. She had the name, Harbor Nights, decided upon and a general idea of the design that she wanted, based upon this artwork she’d previously created for the rooms of the house. Our mission (yes, we chose to accept it) was to create a modern, slightly more detailed version of this.

The Solution

We went through only a couple design revisions, tweaking things like colors and how much detail to provide in the anchor, and how much 3D texturizing to add to the moon. The final product for Harbor Nights was accepted with rave reviews and many thanks. A small project that we were able to complete with relative speediness still proved to be a lot of fun.



Day Turnaround

Stellar Result

New Logo Boosts Rental Property’s Image


Client Input

With lots of input and examples from the start, we were able to design a mark that was adored immediately and finished in no time.

Brand Recognition

Empowered by their new logo and branding guidelines from the works IT, Harbor Nights’ brand recognition is strong on their marketing collateral and extremely attractive, leading to more interested renters.


Of course you are. By jove you’re on the edge of your seat! Let us show you some more gorgeous surprises.