branding and web development

The Challenge

Toward the end of 2013, numerous rumors had it that a chamber of commerce was in the works for the Greater Harrison area. They needed a strong, unique brand to portray the purpose of this newly-formed entity; to promote the growth and prosperity of the Greater Harrison business community. We also discussed that the GHCC would need an attractive, dynamic web presence to inform businesses about networking opportunities, benefits of joining the Chamber, and generally to provide details about the organization and what it will do for the community.

The Solution

After just a few revisions we came up with a mark that accurately depicts the Greater Harrison Chamber of Commerce as an active, diverse, forward-thinking organization. Some of the Chamber’s goals that needed to be evident in their web presence included stimulating opportunity through networking and marketing opportunities, benefit programs, educational forums, and government advocacy. Some design elements and web technology we used to organize and display all of this information affectively are an easy-to-navigate, responsive horizontal menu bar, a large, responsive event calendar with multiple views, plenty of white space to allow for a more comfortable reading experience and clearer calls to action, and a members-only portal for specific benefits available to GHCC Members.

Complete Branding For A New Organization

An Intuitive, Interactive Website


Web Development



Day Turnaround

Stellar Result

Strong, Welcoming Branding

With a strong, versatile logo, and welcoming color scheme, the new GHCC is ready to stand as a leader in uniting the business community. This mark will be at home for years to come on any medium from fun community outings to the strict guidelines of bureaucratic and administrative documentation.

Interactive, Accessible Website

With the extremely wide variety in the GHCC’s target demographic being all businesses and organizations in the Greater Harrison area, the website needed to be very interactive and provide a bounty of information, like valuable meeting and event details, while also being very accessible and user-friendly.


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