web development

The Challenge


Timothy’s Florals was a small business with a strong following and many years in business when they came to us. They got where they were with no web presence at all, but realized the necessity of having one. So they needed our help.

The Solution


Going from nothing to something is always fun because the canvas is blank and ready for our creative minds. Tim gave us a few guidelines he wanted to see, and we went to work on a functional, simple, easy-to-use web presence for a smaller budget. He’s been thrilled with the results and brides as well as their mothers enjoy using it and perusing his breathtaking work in the photo gallery.

Creative Copy Writing

Solid Website on a Budget


Web Design and Development


Copy Writing

Day Turnaround

Stellar Result

Functional Web Presence on a Budget

Tim doesn’t need much in the flashy category, nor did he want to spend a lot. So we opted for a solid HTML, CSS, and JavaScript platform to provide bang for the buck and focus on simplistic design features and user-friendliness for a broad audience.



TimothysFlorals.com was built with SEO in mind from the start. The floral arrangement industry, as well as the more broad wedding industry, is brutally competitive, so this small business needed a jumpstart in search engine rankings to get in front of their audience.


Of course you are. By jove you’re on the edge of your seat! Let us show you some more gorgeous surprises.