web maintenance and hosting

The Challenge


White’s Farm needed a new web host, stat. Their old website was hosted with a very confusing, unreliable web hosting company, and they also needed to add more capabilities for their growing enterprise.

The Solution


Naturally, White’s Farm came looking to us for answers. We packed up their WordPress website and domain names and moved them all over to our host of choice, Web Central, where they’ve been happily and reliably hosted since 2012, along with their newly-created, robust email accounts. We also have been boosting their website’s findability by adding over 5 more, relevant domain names and are continuously working with their analytics and search engine optimization.

A new home for their web assets.


Website Maintenance


Website Migration

Day Turnaround

Stellar Result


Website Migration

Migrating web assets can be a tedious project that should be done with a solid plan that you follow strictly to avoid downtime, and corrupted or lost data. We’ve got plenty of experience in migrating websites of all types, however, so WhitesWebsite.com is now resting comfortably in its new home after minimal downtime and with lots of new performance improvements.

Powerful Web Hosting

Investing in a powerful, robust web host is just as important as the website itself. It also doesn’t need to be pricey. Stellar website hosting, enterprise email hosting, domain names and more at Web Central will be in White’s Farm’s arsenal for years to help them grow efficiently and affordably.


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